What price do we pay for social media?

Social Media

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Social media is sometimes made out to be completely good or completely bad. Just like anything else, however, it depends on your perception. There are two sides to everything. The speed that we are able to share material online is astounding! However it is essential that we stay grounded in reality. I believe that social media is great! But it's up to us a people to use it correctly. Technology will march on. Can we keep up with the times and still stay in touch person to person?

Friends and Relations

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Let's get real, what did we do before cell phones and email? I certainly have no idea how we all functioned without them! I love sites like Facebook and Twitter because I can keep up-to-date with all my friends and organize events. It's a real modern wonder that we can share pictures and ideas so quickly. It certainly does make life a lot easier. I will always be grateful for the miracle of social media, regardless of the potential it has for harm.

Human Interaction

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Overuse of social media can transport us to a world that's not real. Extreme use leads to isolation, which is unhealthy. Communication is effortless, and sometimes we become careless. Often you see things online that someone posts that they would never say in real life. This is one of the dangers of online communication and social networking. Always restrict your comments to things you would say in real life if you were actually talking to that person. Don't let social media rule your life.

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